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Fifth Grade

English Language Arts / Literacy

Guided Reading

MobyMax - Supports grade level standards.


Everyday Math

IXL - Supports grade level standards.

Arcademics - Supports learning addition and subtraction through arcade-like games.

Manipulatives - Online virtual manipulatives to support with math thinking.

MobyMax - Supports grade level standards.

That Quiz - Supports fluency with operations, fractions, concepts, geometry, and vocabulary at various levels of challenge.

Multiplication - Supporting understanding of multiplication through interactive games.

Khan Academy

Ten Marks - Grade-level math content and practice with SBAC problems.

Front Row - Good for all math content; review and enrichment.  See chart below for access code.


Teacher Code
Ng acsqz3
Jacobs uwbk6y
Schmitz nvrjuk
Johnson uwpybf
Kamunde oqddqx
Mayberry 5tyf23