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English Language Arts / Literacy

Letters & Sounds


ABC Match - Memory card game.

Letter Blaster - Lower and uppercase letter recognition.

Alpha Pig’s Paint by Letter - Letter identification.

Alphabet Match - Letter sounds.

Letter Identification (desktop keyboarding)




Starfall - Free site to teach the basics of reading. Features interactive books and phonics games.

Sesame Street - 

PBS Kids - Educational games & videos.

RAZ Kids - Reading - anytime, anywhere!


Everyday Math - Anderson Elementary’s 2015-2016 Math Adoption Curriculum with access to parent letters, home links, games, tutorial videos, lesson activities, etc.

Manipulatives - online virtual manipulatives to support with math thinking.

Mathmagician Math - Supports fluency with addition and subtraction facts with various levels of challenge.

Starfall - Supports with calendaring and pattern understanding.

IXL Math - Practice all levels of math.

Front Row - Good for all math content; review and enrichment. See chart below for access code.


 Teacher Code
Viewens sn3Krw
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Ligorria fjb8ra