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School Site Council (SSC)


The SSC is required to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment, including an analysis of verifiable state and local data, provide recommendations related to the school’s Title I program, and participate in the development and approval of the school’s SPSA. The SPSA is a strategic plan that outlines specific and measurable goals at the school site with the intention of increasing student achievement. The SPSA should align with the local educational agency’s (LEA’s) Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) process as they both help support continuous cycles of action, reflection, and improvement.



Meeting Dates 

March 11, 2024, 7:45 AM @Anderson Room 1

Meeting Minutes


Interim Principal, Sara Diaz
Teacher, Omar Alcala
Teacher, Lisa Johnson
Teacher, Rita Kamunde
Anderson Staff, Maritza Gavino
Parent/Community Member, Vacant
Parent/Community Member,  Antonia Gonzalez 
Parent/Community Member, Amna Niaz
Parent/Community Member,
Maylet Romo 
Parent/Community Member, 
Stephanie Ruiz 

Contact Anderson for more information!

Amaris Rivas, Principal
(310) 676-0197