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Name Email

Mrs. Tika Viewins

Mrs. Mai Ly

Ms. Jennifer To

Ms. Cynthia Torres

First Grade
Name Email

Mrs. Rebecca Tran

Mrs. Linda Park

Ms. Cindy Chan

Second Grade
Name Email
Mr. Jay McMillen

Ms. Thyda Kol

Ms. Pantea Yamtoubi

Ms. Anne Schmitt
Third Grade
Name Email

Mrs. Stacey Stronks

Mrs. Carmen Chic

Mrs. Melissa Tipton

Ms. Heisy Ligorria


Fourth Grade
Name Email

Ms. Mayra Bermudez

Ms. Kate Franke

Ms. Laura Schmitz

Fifth Grade
Name  Email

Dr. Rita Kamunde

Mrs. Lonny Ng

Mrs. Lisa Johnson


Learning Center
Name Extension Email
Kaitlyn Mayberry (4/5) 52033
Carlin Ritter (Life Skills) 52045
Teacher Specialists
Name Email
Lisa Reitinger, Language Arts Specialist
Lauren Bush, Math Teacher on Special Assignment